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Simplified Medical Billing

Are you spending too much time billing or chasing providers for payment? If yes, then our billing service may be the answer to all your concerns. No matter how large or how small your practice is, our qualified staff is ready to help you take your worries away from you. We will help you get paid faster, manage multiple accounts with ease, set users permissions for individual customer account, file claim with minimal rejections, post accurate payments to shrink customer A/R and much more.

We will take your worries, so in return you can concentrate on taking care of your patients. With the ability to file both professional and institutional claims, and with the access to a wide variety of time-saving features, we offer the fastest, affordable and secure way to serve our customers better.


Implementing an EHR software package and customizing it to your very specific needs is no longer like installing Excel or Word. Because your practice is unique, a one-size-fits-all approach is not likely going to work for you. AdventEMO provides you with personalized help and support to ensure that your new EHR works for you, and not that you work for your EHR. To that effect, there is a lot of planning that has to be done upfront to ensure that the finished product does what it’s supposed to do. We will implement the EHR solution for your office with minimal disruption to your staff and your patients and will customize the tool so that it reflects what you do now. All you need to do is help us understand what you do and need and attend the training sessions before going live.

Medical Transcription

Do you have better ways to spend your valuable time than typing chart notes, surgical reports, procedure notes and letters? Our highly trained transcription staff is here to help you with all your digital transcription needs. Adherence to current AAMT and HIPPA formatting regulations requires ongoing training. Let us take care of this for you.

Whether you need ongoing assistance or just the occasional stat, we know that you will appreciate our 24-hour turnaround for your daily work with all stats taking precedence. From Family Practice to Urgent Care and every specialty in between, our highly trained professional transcription staff will provide you with accurate, reliable service.


Are you concerned that you may not be using your EHR software to its full potential? Do you want your office to become more proficient and independent? We offer training sessions for our clients to achieve the highest level of productivity among employees. We offer training to custom fit your needs thru wide variety of training sessions like on-line training, on-site training and group training. Whether you are just starting to use your EHR product or are a seasoned user that needs to learn something new, or if your staff needs a refresher class, we have the program that fits your needs and your schedule. Contact us to find out more about available packages for you.

Financing Available

If you cannot afford the upfront cost of implementing one of our EHR products in your office, we make it easy for you to join the EHR wave by offering you a leasing program. With our program, you can amortize the cost of the hardware, software and training over 3 years. You don’t even have to pay a cent for the first two months. With our very favorable terms, this option eliminates the upfront cost of ownership while still making you eligible for stimulus money. Contact us to find out how we can make this option work for you.

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