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CareCloud was created by studying the way medical practices work and designing a system to fit that process. Our intuitive design allows users to be up and running with minimal training, so physicians can focus on providing care instead of learning software. Our intuitive cloud-based practice management software means no servers to set up or software to install, so your practice is online fast and automatically updated. Save time and streamline your day with all of your most used tools located on your personalized dashboard for instant one-click access.


Flexible clinical tools tailored to your group’s specialty that allow individual physicians deep customization without compromise.


The industry’s most intuitive billing and RCM platform paired with actionable insights for smart decisions in any reimbursement model.


True partners in your success. Our team is driven to help you achieve your goals with insights into your operational performance.

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Electronic Health Records Made Simple

Charts Electronic Health Records (EHR) – An EHR You’ll Love to Use!

With CareCloud Charts you can manage patient flow with a beautiful EHR that gives you a complete, real-time view of how patients are flowing through your office and drag-and-drop tools to maximize efficiency. See why the industry’s leading cloud-based EHR is faster, more intuitive and more adaptable than any other electronic health record on the market today. Charts gives you everything you need to better manage your patients and your practice.

Explore powerful Charts EHR features like real-time patient flows, intelligent task management, rapid charting, and Meaningful Use reports that make CareCloud Charts unlike any other EHR you’ve used.

Practice Made Portable

Our web-based EHR system is completely browser and platform agnostic, so it can be used on any computer and from any location with Internet access. Now, healthcare providers can easily and securely review patient records, order labs or ePrescribe when they are outside of the office.

Practice Management Software – Practice Management Made Really Easy!

CareCloud Central is a comprehensive, practice management software solution. Our easy-to-use software solution will streamline your day by eliminating the redundant actions, the back and forth between applications and the waiting for slow programs to load. After you try CareCloud Central, practice management software, you’ll refuse to work with anything else.

Total Security

CareCloud is 100% HIPAA compliant and features advanced data encryption, bank-level server security and automatic software updates to ensure you’re getting the most advanced protection available. You worry about your patients and let us worry about data security.

Cloud Computing

For years it has been heralded as the answer to the technology gap that exists between small businesses and large corporations. For healthcare providers, cloud computing gives smaller medical practices and large doctor groups the same cutting-edge EHR tools once reserved only for the biggest corporations, enabling them to grow and thrive like never before.

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