EHR Implementation

Your worries end with your EHR purchase, while the EHR implementation is handled by us

Deciding on the EHR software, which is customized and personalized just for you, is the biggest challenge. With so many EHRs in the market, making that big decision and finalizing on one need a lot of effort. Once you have sorted this out, you step on to the next challenge of EHR implementation.

There are few questions you need to answer before you go ahead with the EHR implementation like –

Q. Will your EHR keep you connected with your practice even after you have left the office?

Q. Is your EHR helping you realize those dreams you saw at the beginning of your practice?

Q. Will the EHR help focus more on your patient’s healthcare without worrying about the expenses?

Q. Have you considered your clinical goals, needs, financial and technical readiness before the implementation?

Q. Is your EHR solving those issues that lead you to invest further?

You can move to the next stage of EHR implementation, only if you have answered all the above questions in positive.

AdventEMO’s team will not just implement the EHR for you, but will walk you through the process and stand by your Physicians and the staff until they are well-versed with the process. Our team will assess your team at regular intervals to check if the expertise has been understood well through EHR implementation.

Before handing over the entire process in your hands and giving a thumbs up, we –

Ensure the organizational processes are well documented and are put in place
Review if all the staffs have understood the clinical workflows and are distinctly mapped out.

Document the entire data collection and reporting processes

Certify if all the staffs are well-versed with the basic computer and IT knowledge

Address any specific clinical priorities that needs to be acknowledged

Check if there is any specific requirement based on the practice

This process is followed to ensure that you reap the highest benefits with your investment on your EHR. We have realized that these questions and assessment tools have helped to provide a good understanding of the current state of practice and can help identify key goals for improvement.

We understand how important your goals are pertaining to patient quality, patient satisfaction, practice productivity and efficiency, improved quality of work environment, and ultimately the goal of improved health care.

We accept your goals, just the way you accept your patients.

Contact Us to know more about EHR/EMR implementation.

Contact Us to know more about EHR/EMR implementation.